What We Offer

Our industry-leading package

Start your career.
We help you to get your teaching career off the ground, providing you with a certified TEFL training course and a broad range of high quality teaching materials for use in lessons.
Keep more of what you earn.
Our industry-leading package provides teachers with a net income after living expenses twice that of graduates starting out in the UK.
First-class support.
We're here to help you settle in to living abroad, with English-speaking coordinators to help you with any problems, if they occur.
Up to the minute, expert guides.
From understanding an unfamiliar culture, to getting out and about, our comprehensive Countdown to China series of guides will help you to prepare and make the most of your experience.

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.

—Biz Stone

Our employment package is the most comprehensive of any company for TEFL positions in China.

For people interested in teaching abroad, it can be difficult to judge whether the package you’re being offered is right for you.

Many TEFL companies lure applicants with offers of a high salary, but conveniently leave out other expenses that teachers will have to pay, like getting immigration paperwork notarized, legalized and apostilled, and paying deposits on accommodation.

Instead, we offer a straight forward, comprehensive package that is ideal for people new to the industry, providing training that kickstarts your career, support that looks after you at work and home, hassle-free housing, and an income that allows you to make the most of your time in China.

Income comparison

First year teachers enjoy a typical monthly net income after living expenses up to twice that of their UK-based peers—and renewing teachers make even more.

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Net Income After Expenditure

UK Income Breakdown

UK figures are based on the most recent published ONS data for the median UK 22 year old’s graduate salary, with cost of living expenditure based on data published by TransferWise.com.

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Net Income After Expenditure

China Income Breakdown

China figures are based on a minimum salary with cost of living expenditure extrapolated from Foshan, Guangdong Province.